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Bhoomit Vasani: Need a browser with only one tab (or may be two)


It all started in 2002 (according to a google search result) when Firefox(Phoenix back then) introduced multi-tabbed browsing. Concept was new and revolutionary for browser space. It was really useful because now you don’t need to open/switch between windows to read the referenced link….

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We’re excited to announce yet another improved version of the Android app! Get ready for some fantastic updates:

  • Clearer blog notifications — now you can see exactly which post was liked, reblogged, or commented on.
  • Faster photo posting — quickly choose from the last 40 shots on your phone.
  • Pinch and spread to zoom in on photos!
  • Images load even faster on your Dashboard.
  • Redesigned and rebuilt Post screens for faster posting.
  • System notifications for post uploads — find out when something posts successfully or fails to upload.

If you haven’t gotten the update notification yet, grab the latest version of the app.

My Intuition

tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?